Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How does private jet charter differ from traveling on commercial airlines?

Q. From where do we take-off?

Q. Do we need to get to the airport two hours before take-off for screening?

Q. How much luggage can we bring?

Q. Is there a check-in line?

Q. Isn't charter expensive?

Q. How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Q. Aren't little airplanes crowded?

Q. Do you have rest rooms on your airplanes?

Q. Can we stop and pick up more passengers on the way to our destination?

Q. Is smoking allowed on the aircraft?

Q. Can I bring my dog or cat with me?

Q. Do you have food on your airplane?

Q. Do your airplanes have telephones?

Q. Do you fly in bad weather?

Q. What happens if our meeting runs late?

Q. What happens if I have to stay overnight?

Q. Can I make a one-way flight?

Q. Is it safe to fly with Stebbins Aviation, Inc.?

Q. What are the chances that my baggage will be lost or delayed?

Q. What happens after we get to the destination airport?

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